Shut Up Flower Boyband OST download

Posted On March 12, 2012

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If you want to download the OST ,, follow-click this link:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

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INFINITE successfully concludes their first solo concert

Posted On February 12, 2012

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The rising stars of Hallyu, INFINITE, finally held their first solo concert at Seoul Olympic Park on February 11th.

The concert, titled ‘Second Invasion’, saw the boys show off all they had to offer to a sold out stadium that consisted of fans from not only Korea, but overseas as well.

As reported earlier, this concert was sold out within minutes of tickets going on sale. Despite not being able to obtain a ticket, overseas fans flew in to still partake in the experience. They were seen hanging around the venue throughout the concert, and one fan revealed, “We came so that we could at least listen to the sounds.”

The concert kicked off with old favorites like “Come Back Again” and “Hysterie”. The members then greeted the fans, stating, “We are so thankful that so many of you came to our first solo concert… Please enjoy the concert up to the very last minute.”

To better engage with their fans, the members used the passageway between the stage platforms as they performed their hearts out, and stirred the crowd into a frenzied state with their perfectly synchronized choreography.

In addition to their popular songs, the members also brought out tracks that haven’t been as widely promoted, such as “Tic Toc”, “Wings”, and “Fixed Star”.

INFINITE also brought out their individual stages. L and Sungjong teamed up for a remake of “That I’ve Lived Next To You” with L crooning to the audience in his mellow voice as Sungjong accompanied him on the piano; leader Sunggyu brought out his solo track, “Because”Dongwoo and Hoya, the hip hop line of the group or ‘INFINITE H’, brought out their swag with “Crying” and “You Look Well”; followed by Woohyun who gave an emotional performance of “Time” .

Although each member impressed the crowd, the most shocking or hilarious performance of the night came from Sungjong and Sungyeol with their rendition of “Trouble Maker”. Fans expected to see Sungjong dress up as HyunA, but it was actually Sungyeol who tranformed into a “sexy girl” with his long wig and a short red dress. Sungjong took on Hyunseung‘s role and displayed his more masculine side.

During the second half of the performance, the members belted out their latest hits. Singing “White Confession (Lately)”, the members tossed Valentine’s Day presents into the crowd, and teased, “In addition to the present we’ve handed out today, we have another Valentine’s Day present for you… We can’t reveal it yet, but you’ll all know on the 14th.”

When “Be Mine” came on, fans were heard loudly chanting in unison to the rhythm of the song – making it a moment where the artist and audience became one.

As the concert came to a close, tears were seen in the members’ eyes as they said their last comments. Seeing the members tear up, the audience shouted “Don’t cry.”

The members expressed, “This was such a happy and heart-fluttering time. We hope you will continue to cheer us on.” They made the fans laugh as they warned, “Don’t cheat on us until we come back.”

“We will try harder in the future and show you a group that has grown,” said the group as they launched into the encore songs “Julia” and “Voice of My Heart”.

In addition to all the performances, the boys also shared a special treat with the fans who attended the concert. The footage showed the members teaming up as couples to participate in various games involving mouth to mouth! The couples were: Hoya & Dongwoo (‘Yadong’ couple), L & Sungyeol (‘Sooyeol’ couple), and Woohyun & Sunggyu (‘Jjiggraegi’ couple).


SOURCE : allkpop

[News] Infinite opening a solo concert ‘Second Invasion’!

Posted On February 12, 2012

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The group, Infinite, will be holding a solo concert.
Infinite will be holding their solo concert, ‘Second Invasion’, from 2012.2.11~2012.2.12 for two days at Olympic Park Handball arena.
This concert’s name, ‘Second Invasion’, holds a meaning that they’ll invade the music industry for the second time through a concert as a follow up of their debut album, ‘First Invasion’.
CJ E&M Concert Department, who will be planning and producing this performance, showed high praise to the artist by saying, “Infinite’s best positive points are their perfect stages that are nearly 100% synchronized and each member’s sincerity. Their abundant repertory and excellent musicianship were big strengths to planning the concert.”
Infinite, who is planning a solo concert even though they haven’t reached 2 years since their debut, expressed their thoughts, “Through our solo concert in February, we’ll be starting 2012 being full of energy. We worked hard to prepare for this, thinking that it’s a place to repay our fans who have been supporting us.”

Also, Infinite first revealed a poster with just an infinite logo, the name, and the concert date on a black background. However, they will reveal posters with the members’ faces in the middle of December.

Meanwhile, tickets will be selling on December 9th for their fanclub and will sell for others on December 14th.

Superman – Super Junior Lyrics & Listen

Posted On February 3, 2012

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Junhyung to make his debut as a solo artist

Posted On February 2, 2012

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Junhyung from Beast will be making his debut with “Living Without You”. Despite the preparation that Beast are doing for their World Tour, due to start on Feb 4 in Seoul, Junhyung will try his hands at solo work. Beast recently released their digital single, “I Knew It”, a ballad that shows off Beast’s vocal talent.

Cube Entertainment revealed today that Junhyung would debut as a solo artist but would still be with the group preparing for the World Tour. Junhyung in the past has already written and co-composed some of Beast’s songs.

His solo track is due to be released on February 3 at midnight which has got fans all over the world waiting for. His debut song is expected to be a heartfelt song with a strong hip-hop background focussing on Junhyung’s rapping talent.

Beast will be starting their “Beautiful Show” tour concert in Seoul this week as part of their world tour.

Yunho wants to act with Jang Hyuk

Posted On February 1, 2012

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TVXQ’s Yunho who starred in the MBC miniseries “Heading to the Ground” back in 2010 revealed that he would like to try acting again and also work alongside actor Jang Hyuk.

The February 1st episode of SBS’s ‘Entertainment Tonight’ covered an interview that was conducted with Yunho along with fellow celebrities Lee Min JungSoheeJang Hyuk, and Yoon Do Hyun.

The first question asked to Yunho was “Do you have a girlfriend?” to which he replied, “I really don’t”.

Then the interviewer continued to ask, “When do you feel like you wish you had a girlfriend the most?” and Yunho honestly answered, “When I’m sick. I get really sad when I’m sick so at those times I wish there was someone there to comfort me.

The interviewer asked Yunho if he has any interest in acting again to which he replied, “I am very interested in acting.” So the interviewer continued to ask Yunho which actor / actress he would like to work with the most and he said, “I’m not saying this because I’m here, but I would really like to work with Jang Hyuk.” Actress Lee Min Jung, who was also present at the interview, looked slightly disappointed by Yunho’s answer of picking Jang Hyuk over herself.

Yunho tried to explain to Lee Min Jung that he would also like to work with her by saying, “I also want to act with Lee Min Jung and I am a fan of her.” To this Lee Min Jung jokingly replied, “What you said can’t be undone.

::source : allkpop

Ayumi Hamasaki Announces 13th Album “Party Queen”

Posted On February 1, 2012

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CNBLUE becomes the first Korean artist to play on ‘MTV Japan Unplugged’

Posted On February 1, 2012

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Korean rock band CNBLUE recently made an appearance on MTV Japan‘s Unplugged, taking the title as the first ever Korean artist to appear on the show.

MTV Unplugged is a music program that features intimate, acoustic sets from world-class artists like Eric Clapton, Oasis and Mariah Carey. Japan’s own version of the program began its broadcast last July.

The boys played a 12-song set that included some of their Japanese hits like “Let’s Go Crazy”, “Try Again, Smile Again” and “Kimio”. In addition, the band also debuted the acoustic rendition for their Japanese major-label debut single, “In My Head”, as well as their newest number, “Where You Are”.

Aside from the boys’ flawless performance, CNBLUE made headlines with the number of ticket requests made for the show. Reportedly, they drew a whopping 15,000 applications from fans wishing to attend the show (MTV Unplugged Japan only accepts 150 attendees).

After the show, the members expressed their gratitude to the attendees, stating that they were “very surprised to hear how many people requested tickets for our show” and that they “worked very hard to put on their best performance for the fans.”

CNBLUE made their major label debut in October with the song “In My Head”, which sold an impressive number of 100,000 copies.

INFINITE tries to find a good home for their dog ‘Tofu’ ^^

Posted On February 1, 2012

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On the latest episode of KBS‘s ‘Birth of a Family‘, INFINITE heard the heartbreaking news that one of their three dogs, ‘Tofu‘, didn’t receive any promising offers to be adopted into a new home. At this rate, Tofu would have to return to the animal shelter.

The members of INFINITE are only temporary caretakers, but the boys have grown extremely attached to their dogs. Upset at the idea of how Tofu would return to the cold shelter, they decided to spread ads for Tofu’s adoption through the radio shows, ‘Younha’s Starry Night‘ and ‘Super Junior’s Kiss the Radio‘.

With INFINITE’s popularity on the rise, many enthusiastic listeners sent in offers to adopt their dog.

But the boys weren’t sure that the offers from the listeners would be enough, so they decided to shoot a video promoting animal adoption, which will air next week.

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